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Bronze Sculptures by Steven E. Lillegard
Quality Bronze Sculptures Since 1981
Bronze Sculptures of Wildlife
Bronze Sculptures of Children
Western Bronze Sculptures
Native American Bronze Sculptures
Native American
Other Interesting Bronze Sculptures
Other Interesting Bronze Sculptures
Custom Made
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In Progress
Thank you for visiting my Web site. You will find bronze sculptures with a variety of subject matter created over a twenty year period. The sculptures are all original castings, not re-casts, and were made in my studio and foundry in Stanford, Montana.
For more information, see the "About the Artist" page.


Featured on the front page of the Great Falls Tribune, Saturday, March 19, 2011

(Photo by Larry Beckner, courtesy of The Great Falls Tribune)

Steve Lillegard of Stanford sculpts a cowboy being bucked off a horse out of clay during the Art in Action event at the Meadow Lark Country Club on Friday (March 18, 2011).

New Sculptures


This sculpture was recently installed at an arena near Kalispell, MT.

Wally Buono Trophy

I was recently honored with the request to create a sculpture to be used as a trophy for the Canadian Junior Football League's Wally Buono Award.
Wally Buono Award

Western Bronze Sculptures

Growing up in Montana, I couldn't help but be influenced by my surroundings. I have great respect for the men and women who settled the Old West and the hard working people of today's West. I do extensive research to insure historical accuracy in my western bronze sculptures.
western bronze sculptures

Wildlife Bronze Sculptures

Over the years I've spent a fair amount of time in the mountains of Montana. That experience has given me the opportunity to watch wildlife in its natural surroundings. My observation and study of anatomy hopefully shows in my wildlife bronze sculptures.
wildlife bronze sculptures

Bronze Sculptures of Children

My wife and I were blessed with three wonderful children, two daughters and a boy. I was busy when they were small so I didn't take the time to make sculptures of them. I finally realized that I was losing my "little" models and decided that I'd better make the time. You will find the results on the sculptures of children page.
bronze sculptures of children

Misc. Bronze Sculptures

These are sculptures were fun to do but didn't fit in the above catagories.
misc. bronze sculptures

The Labyrinth Project:

A larger than life sculpture for the Labyrinth Garden in Lewistown, Montana.
(Click here for more information.)
garden sculpture

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